How I can help you

Addressing chronic health conditions such as autoimmune and thyroid-related takes time. When you’ve been unwell for a while, you’re likely to need at least a few months to heal and improve. For this reason, my packages consist of 4, 6 or 12 consultations and last for  3 or 6 months. This gives me time to listen to you and understand your health concerns well.

I do that by taking a detailed case history so that I understand your health history going back to your childhood and birth. I’ll analyse your diet & nutritional status and consider other lifestyle factors such as stress management, sleep quality, movement/exercise level, along with social and emotional health. These factors are equally as important as proper nutrition and need to be addressed to achieve wellness. If I think the support you need is beyond my scope of practice, I’ll discuss this with you and suggest practitioners of different modalities who could be of help to you.

Your package will be tailored to your needs, and the prices start from £450 (a payment plan is available).

The whole process involves:

Autoimmune, Thyroid & Chronic Health

  • Free 30-min health review

    We’ll discuss your current situation so that I can understand the issues you face and what you are hoping to achieve. I’ll outline how I can help and auggest a package tailored to your needs. It’s a good opportunity to ask me any questions and it’s also a good way to ensure we are the right fit for each other.

  • Detailed questionnaires

    Health & symptoms questionnaires for you to fill in before we speak

  • Personalised programme

    • 1 x 60-min in-depth initial consultation, and then either
    • 5 x 30-min check-in consultations in a 3-month programme or 11 x 30-min check-in consultations in a 6-month programme
    • Bespoke dietary, lifestyle and supplement recommendations as needed after each consultation*
    • Relevant recipes and handouts to provide additional support
    • Review of any previous blood tests and other relevant test reports
    • Review of drug/supplement interactions and drug/nutrient depletions, if applicable
    • Testing recommendation, either with a help of a GP (if possible) or private to help us identify root causes/triggers*
    • 10% off supplements purchased at the Natural Dispensary UK and Amrita Nutrition

    Built into the package is my time researching and working on your case ‘behind the scenes’. This allows me to really investigate your health history, your diagnosis or condition and the most recent medical literature and intervention options. The package also includes my time in putting together recommendations after each of our sessions.

    * Supplements and further testing are not included in the price of the package.

I offer online consultations using a video-conferencing platform, or in person in Horsham, West Sussex.