What my clients say

Please have a read about (and listen to) what a few of my clients have said about working with me.

“It has been a pleasure working with Anna. She has helped me a lot to control my lupus symptoms.

I was in a lot of pain at our first appointment and within 2 weeks I immediately felt a big difference. Thank you Anna for the advice and all the research you provided. I definitely would recommend your services.”

Anna has helped me focus on an achievable programme of diet, probiotics and supplements to alleviate the pain of oral lichen planus. The soreness in my mouth has vastly reduced and I shall continue to eat just wholefoods with lots of protein and the recommended supplements.

I really enjoyed working with Anna – she does thorough research, listens to her clients and then provides practical, spot-on recommendations.

I am appreciative of the time she took to really get to know my habits and help me improve my understanding of my own body.

She helped me achieve the desired improvement in respect of an autoimmune condition, but also wholly rethink my diet, resulting in a meaningful lifestyle improvement. I am very satisfied with Anna’s wholistic approach and would not hesitate to recommend her services.

Anna has played a pivotal role in helping me manage my hypothyroidism. Anna has great expertise in this field and I’m really pleased with my results as she has identified the root cause and was able to help me eliminate certain foods that were triggering my symptoms.

My brain fog is gone, my levels have reduced drastically, my body aches are gone. Making a change in my dietary lifestyle has opened up my eyes to real food and being conscious of what I feed my children too.

I’m glad I’m able to gain control of my life and most importantly my health. Thank you Anna. Highly recommended!

Anna, is so great at what she does. I love that all her work is based on investigating symptoms and she tailors her recommendations to that.

She also is great because she educates, on why, so things really click and you have that knowledge for the rest of your life. Such a worthwhile investment.

When I came to Anna I was very ill, and over the last year of working with her, she has helped me to feed my body healthy nutritious food. I have lost 2 stone and feel a greater sense of wellbeing. She does a lifestyle audit, as well, it is not just the food that needs to be optimised for our human ecosystems.

I cannot recommend Anna highly enough.

I had been struggling with various gut health issues, including Diverticular Disease and IBS, for a number of years and it was negatively affecting my quality of life.

I chose Anna based on the reviews she had had from other clients. From the very first video call with Anna, she was knowledgeable, supportive, and enthusiastic about the various ways she could help me, through effective diet management and responding proactively to the results we had from any external lab tests. Anna worked with me to gain a thorough understanding of my health journey and lifestyle through regular discussions and questionnaires.

The first month I started, we agreed to strip my diet back to basics to give us a baseline to work from. It meant trying out new things and learning how the food choices you make affect your health, both mentally and physically.

I felt overwhelmed with the changes initially, but Anna was always on hand to speak to/email and would always provide detailed information along with lots of recipes. By the third week, I noticed positive changes already which only spurred me on.

Over the next 5 months, I followed Anna’s recommendations and was always provided with recipes, nutritional information, and facts, along with Anna’s support and caring nature, this has made a real difference to my life. My diet is now well-balanced, healthy, and delicious and most importantly, I no longer wake up each morning with dread because I now feel so well, physically and mentally.

Anna’s knowledge, investigative nature and commitment to her clients is outstanding and my only regret is that I wish I had found Anna sooner! She has made a difference to my life and I would not hesitate to recommend her.

I’m so happy that I finally reached out and worked with a nutritional therapist, and I feel very fortunate to have been able to embark on this journey with Anna. She is amazing and I couldn’t have hoped for someone better to help me.

Anna is kind, warm, friendly and easy to talk to. She helped me take an in depth look at my diet, lifestyle and previous illness and medications. This allowed me to understand all the factors that lead to my current situation.

I’ve been struggling with my health for a number of years now and Anna took the time to really listen to all aspects of my life that affected my health, and suggested specific changes that I could start making that would work around my lifestyle.

She provided me with educational information on various issues that I struggled with, which helped me to better understand how my physical, mental and emotional health are all interconnected, and the significant role that nutrition plays in my wellbeing.

The changes that Anna recommended, were simple and easy. She shared advice on things to consider when doing my weekly grocery shop and made recommendations on alternatives in my local area.

She helped me understand that my health journey is unique and that some days I will be able to everything 100% right and other days may be more difficult, and that that is okay. Over the last couple of months working with Anna, small and easy changes have added up to significant improvements in my health and wellbeing.

I highly recommend that Anna for anyone who wishes to makes changes to the way they think about nutrition. I’ve truly learned so much over the last couple of months working with Anna, and she’s has enabled me to better manage my diet and continually improve my overall wellbeing going forward.

Thank you Anna, for your patience, kindness and care over the last few months, you are an absolute expert in your field and your passion for helping people is undeniable. I am forever grateful that our paths have crossed.

Anna has surpassed all expectations. You can easily see the deep effort, care and research she invests in each case she handles. When I initially came to her, I was plagued by an overwhelming sense of fatigue, a lack of motivation, digestive issues, hypertension, and daily headaches.

However, through her guidance and recommendations, I have seen a remarkable improvement in all of these areas.

I have come to understand that I previously held a limited understanding of my body and the types of foods and supplements it required, but through my interaction with Anna, my perspective has completely changed.

I have a vegetarian diet and she talked me through the diverse sources of protein available to me and their respective functions. Her expertise and over 100 recipes she provided have allowed me to adopt a well-rounded and nutritious eating regimen, ensuring I receive the necessary nutrients to address my issues.

I am grateful for her unwavering commitment to helping me achieve my health and nutritional goals.

I was diagnosed with Psoriatic Arthritis when I was 17/18 and have been on various different prescribed medications ever since. I was turning 35 this year and wanted to start trying for a baby at the end of this year so wanted my body to be as healthy as possible before hand. One of my main goals was to sort out my IBS-D and try to reduce the pain and inflammation in my body to reduce the number of meds needed when I eventually get pregnant.

I had a google search for Nutritionists local to me and found Anna. She was very quick to respond and gave me a free initial consultation to see if we were going to align in goals and treatments. It was so refreshing to work with someone who knows about Autoimmune diseases and gut health and the links between the two. I’d read a lot about it and always wondered if these people on social media were just trying to make a few extra pounds or if it was true.

I started working with Anna in August of this year and at that time I was on 10mg weekly of Methotrexate, 20mg pantoprazole daily (without it the acid was unbearable and have been on this since diagnosis in 2005/6), and humira injections 40mg fortnightly.

Anna put me on the AIP eating plan and I really thought it would be difficult and I wouldn’t stick to it, but once you get over the initial 6 days without any caffeine or sugar it is really easy. There is a lot more you can eat and it is all about mixing ingredients and making the most of your meals.

Anna suggested I do a few different tests (bloods via GP, stool and urine) to see what was going on inside and as thought, it wasn’t overly healthy and a lot of inflammation.

It was not long after starting the new eating plan that I started to notice positive changes. I stuck to the restricted eating for 8 weeks to ensure I had flushed out as much as I could and to help my gut reset. I am slowly reintroducing things, not rushing as I don’t feel I need to, I want to make sure I know exactly what I can and cannot eat again and don’t want to ruin any of the good work done so far.

My pain is a lot less, it’s not completely gone, but I’ve not had a flare since starting and I can do a lot more exercise than I was able to before. I am sleeping so much better, I really struggled to get to sleep and then to wake in the mornings, now I fall asleep quickly and wake up with less fatigue. Fatigue is still there in general, but it is so much better and I rarely feel sluggish in the afternoons. I have lost just over 1 stone in weight and am managing to maintain that while I reintroduce different foods which is great. Prior to starting my bowel movements were so frequent (up to 6/7 times some days) and I was constantly bloated. I cannot believe how quickly that changed just from dietary changes! The body is fascinating!

Anna is such a lovely lady and really knows what she is doing and talking about. She instantly puts you at ease and explains everything so well, in a way for you to understand fully.

Highly recommend Anna to anyone looking to help reduce their autoimmune symptoms or just to work with a genuine and trustworthy person.

I cannot thank you enough Anna!

client testimonial Luigi

Before coming to see Anna, I was on a keto diet for my Multiple Sclerosis and not doing it quite right. Because I was just following internet advice and wasn’t doing the diet/protocol with a professional, I was left feeling funny, weak, short of breath and we found I was too far in ketosis!

Anna helped me rebalance my diet, so I get all the nutrients and variety needed to not only be healthy, but to ensure I stay on top of my MS!

She checked my bloods, gave me advice on supplementation and also checked my gut for any imbalances. We also discovered why I was loosing so much weight!

I am much happier and healthier now I have seen Anna. Anna helped me understand so many things that are crucial for good nutrition, diet and overall health. She is a great listener and person to work with and would be happy to work with her again.

After some odd finger pains, unusual blood test results and some suggestions that my symptoms could be related to an auto immune condition, I sought advice from Anna Pinnock to see if dietary changes could help improve the situation without starting on a course of medication.

Anna has been so supportive, knowledgeable and helpful throughout. I am still under medical investigations, but Anna has helped me optimise my nutrition during this period of uncertainty and I have never felt better!

I have more energy, my skin is clear, I feel alive and much more mentally alert. I hadn’t realised how sluggish and lethargic I was before until these symptoms cleared.

Anna is guiding me through an elimination diet, where you essentially eliminate foods that are prone to causing inflammation for a given period and then you reintroduce them one by one. The advice Anna has given me has really supported the medical investigations and I have started to notice some links between certain foods and symptoms experienced. By avoiding these foods, Anna has helped me customise a diet plan which works really well for me. I can’t thank Anna enough.

I feel so much healthier and I feel I am set up for life!

Mary - past client

After a year of stomach cramps, diarrhoea and lack of sleep I was feeling really miserable. Doctor had prescribed tablets to counteract the diarrhoea but nothing was getting to the root of the problem. I had stool samples analysed and all ok was the outcome. I knew there was a problem as things were getting worse. My husband was very worried about me.

I looked up Nutritionists in the Horsham area and made contact with Anna. I found she listened and probed as to what might have triggered the problem.

I agreed to have some tests done privately and it’s been the best value for money that I have spent in a long time. The tests were so thorough and when the results were back Anna forwarded them to me and we had a zoom consultation for an hour. There were some issues that needed addressing. I have been following a low sugar/ low starch diet and I am now into my 6th week. Anna sent me some sample recipes and the range and variety is fantastic. My husband eats the same lunch and dinner as I do apart from potatoes so it is not onerous. He tells me I have never eaten so well!

The beauty of it too is I am feeling well, energetic and I can leave home without worrying that I will have a problem. You will not put on added weight either. Anna suggested some supplements which I purchased and these have certainly improved my metabolism.
If I have any difficulty in the future I will have no hesitation to arrange another consultation.
Anna always responds to my emails and I have one hundred percent confidence in her.

Working with Anna has given me a more balanced approach to life, in particular: exercise, stress, sleep and healthy eating.

Since the sessions with Anna, I have slept better and have coping mechanisms to help me deal with stressful situations.

I regularly use Anna’s recipes which are always good – both healthy and delicious! Anna is a great listener, takes time to understand the issue and is always on hand to answer questions.

Her common sense approach to things and understanding that sometimes life gets in the way makes working with her easy – no crazy unachievable suggestions!

Her input and knowledge have made a real difference to my life and I would not hesitate to recommend working with her.