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Easy grain-free pancakes

NOTE: Raw green banana flour is a good source of resistant starch. We can’t digest this type of starch, which means we can’t extract calories from it, making it less caloric than other starches. Resistant starch is also food for our gut bacteria. Both good and bad bacteria can feed on it, which means if […]

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Quick grain-free bread

This grain-free bread calls for only 5 ingredients! It’s very easy and quick to make. Perfect to have for breakfast or as a snack in the middle of the day.

buckwheat granola

Buckwheat granola (gluten-free)

I find the shop-bought granolas too sweet. And they mainly contain plenty of oats, which is not ideal for those on gluten free diets (unless you buy certified gluten free ones) or on a paleo style diet. This granola is gluten free, and grain-free. Buckwheat is a pseudo-grain, so strictly speaking not paleo so you […]