MOT Blood Test

A comprehensive blood test can give us an insight into your current state of health, giving us a clear picture of what’s happening in the body.

Using a range of markers that show us how the body is functioning, we can determine which areas need to be addressed as a priority to help you get to an optimal state of health in the quickest time possible.

Functional blood testing

I use Functional DX (FDX) blood testing and health reports as they go beyond traditional blood analysis to reveal more about your health picture.

The FDX health report uniquely organises and creates an interpretation of your blood test results which will consist of between 77 and 114 blood biomarkers presented in a 50-70 page report. The number of the biomarkers depends on the test panel selected.

It provides a comprehensive insight and assessment into the state of previously hidden health trends of the main body systems, it shows us areas of dysfunction and suggests what to focus on in the health improvement plan. This gives us a great starting point, a baseline from which we can start working towards your better health.

functional body systems
health improvement plan

Where to start?

If you’d like more information about the blood testing or to get started with improving your health, please book a free 30-min call to discuss your situation.