Autoimmune disease support

I can help you get to the bottom of your autoimmune condition, and show you how to regain control of your health by addressing the underlying root cause(s), not just masking the symptoms.

My 3-month package, consisting of 6 consultations, is a great starting point. I will tailor it specifically for you, based on your unique set of symptoms and circumstances.

You will learn dietary and lifestyle approaches that will transform your health, resulting in a reduction or even resolution of your pesky symptoms.

Why me? I have Hashimoto’s, an autoimmune disease of the thyroid gland, so I can relate to your symptoms. I know what you are going through and obstacles you face while trying to get better. I’ve been helping clients with autoimmune problems to make positive health changes for over 5 years. I can help you too.

Book a call with me and I’ll explain in more detail how you can start your journey to better health and address the root cause(s) of your autoimmune condition. I’ll answer any questions you have too!

See you soon!

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Book a call with me and I’ll explain how I can help you to address your thyroid-related symptoms and permanently transform your health.

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What my clients say

After some odd finger pains, unusual blood test results and some suggestions that my symptoms could be related to an auto immune condition, I sought advice from Anna Pinnock to see if dietary changes could help improve the situation without starting on a course of medication. Anna has been so supportive, knowledgeable and helpful throughout. I am still under medical investigations, but Anna has helped me optimise my nutrition during this period of uncertainty and I have never felt better! I have more energy, my skin is clear, I feel alive and much more mentally alert. I hadn’t realised how sluggish and lethargic I was before until these symptoms cleared.

Anna is guiding me through an elimination diet, where you essentially eliminate foods that are prone to causing inflammation for a given period and then you reintroduce them one by one. The advice Anna has given me has really supported the medical investigations and I have started to notice some links between certain foods and symptoms experienced. By avoiding these foods, Anna has helped me customise a diet plan which works really well for me. I can’t thank Anna enough. I feel so much healthier and I feel I am set up for life!

Working with Anna has given me a more balanced approach to life, in particular: exercise, stress, sleep and healthy eating. Since the sessions with Anna, I have slept better and have coping mechanisms to help me deal with stressful situations. I regularly use Anna’s recipes which are always good – both healthy and delicious! Anna is a great listener, takes time to understand the issue and is always on hand to answer questions. Her common sense approach to things and understanding that sometimes life gets in the way makes working with her easy – no crazy unachievable suggestions! Her input and knowledge have made a real difference to my life and I would not hesitate to recommend working with her.

After a year of stomach cramps, diarrhoea and lack of sleep I was feeling really miserable. Doctor had prescribed tablets to counteract the diarrhoea but nothing was getting to the root of the problem. I had stool samples analysed and all ok was the outcome. I knew there was a problem as things were getting worse. My husband was very worried about me.
I looked up Nutritionists in the Horsham area and made contact with Anna. I found she listened and probed as to what might have triggered the problem.
I agreed to have some tests done privately and it’s been the best value for money that I have spent in a long time. The tests were so thorough and when the results were back Anna forwarded them to me and we had a zoom consultation for an hour. There were some issues that needed addressing.
I have been following a low sugar/ low starch diet and I am now into my 6th week. Anna sent me some sample recipes and the range and variety is fantastic. My husband eats the same lunch and dinner as I do apart from potatoes so it is not onerous. He tells me I have never eaten so well! The beauty of it too is I am feeling well, energetic and I can leave home without worrying that I will have a problem. You will not put on added weight either.
Anna suggested some supplements which I purchased and these have certainly improved my metabolism.
If I have any difficulty in the future I will have no hesitation to arrange another consultation.
Anna always responds to my emails and I have one hundred percent confidence in her.

Mary - past client