Effectiveness of AIP in my clinic

Several of my clients have embraced the AIP approach, experiencing significant improvements and a subsequent enhancement in their quality of life. I aim to showcase their outcomes to demonstrate the efficacy of managing autoimmune conditions through dietary and lifestyle changes.

My clients’ improvements on AIP

The table shows my clients’ symptom scores at the start and at the end of the AIP program. The average program duration was 5 months and the average improvement in symptoms my clients had seen was 70%, which is a great improvement!

One of my clients managed to stop one of her prescribed medications after consulting with her doctor about the improvements she’d seen. Always consult with your doctor with regards to anything to do with medications and never stop prescribed medications on your own, as some medications need to be tapered down before stopping.

Symptoms score at the startSymptoms score at the endSymptoms improvement seen
Client 1 (psoriatic arthritis, vitiligo)1402974%
Client 2 (rheumathoid artheritis)742369%
Client 3 (multiple sclerosis)*892967%
Client 4 (coeliac & Hashimoto’s)*431565%
Client 5 (possibly psoriatic arthritis, diagnosis uncertain)*953464%
*diet version similar to AIP  or less strict

How I track symptoms improvement

At the beginning of the program, I ask my clients to fill out three questionnaires, one of them being the “Medical Symptoms Questionnaire”. The higher the score is, the more severe the symptoms are, so the aim is to lower the score as much as possible.

The symptoms questionnaire is then filled out once a month and at the end of the program, which allows us to track the improvements and identify areas to focus on.

The questionnaire looks like this:

Medical Symptoms Questionnaire (MSQ)

What is AIP?

Autoimmune Paleo or AIP is a science-based dietary and lifestyle approach that helps regulate the immune system by:

  • repairing the gut
  • addressing nutrient deficiencies
  • balancing hormones

The dietary part of the protocol is made up of the elimination and reintroduction phases. During the elimination phase, which can last from 30 to 90 days, all the foods that can potentially increase inflammation and intestinal permeability (aka “leaky gut”) are eliminated, which takes the burden off the immune system and enables healing to happen.

The lifestyle part of the AIP includes support around areas that are massively important for the proper function of the immune system, namely:

  • sleep support
  • stress management
  • adequate movement
  • connection (both with other people and nature)

Explore the core principles of the Autoimmune Protocol (AIP) in depth through my “Autoimmune Protocol AIP” article. Additionally, discover the modified, less restrictive version of AIP in my article on “How the modified Autoimmune Protocol differs from core AIP“.

Do you want to find out more about the AIP?

As a certified AIP Coach, I’m here to help. If you’re curious about the AIP approach or any other options, I’m happy to chat. Book a free 30-minute health review, and let’s explore how I can assist you.

What my clients say about AIP